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Teaching Files 73

Story-telling with self-made films

Authors | Students of the Pedagogische Hochschule Zürich
• On We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Rebekka Bischof, Alexandros Deligianis & Dennis Maurer
• On Elmer: Stefanie Jäger, Bettina Gisler & Julia Dürr
• On The Red Tree: Debora Schlumpf & Christina Näf
Project leaders | Daniel Stotz & Nikola Mayer

At a glance

  • Target audience: Primary teachers and teacher trainees. The background to the project from which these materials emerged is described in the article by Mayer & Stotz in Babylonia 3/2013.
  • Language: English as a foreign language
  • Target level: Primary school pupils, Year 2 to 6, CEFR levels A1 to A2
  • Aims: To understand the content of picture book stories that have been turned into animated films; To react to the stories in various ways, e.g. by singing a song or carrying out a simple survey
  • Materials: 3 videos and 17 teaching files – downloadable on this page (subscribers only).

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