La Rivista per l'insegnamento e l'apprendimento delle lingue

Classroom supplement 75

Task based learning and the status of grammar

Martina Zimmermann, Anna Häfliger, Vere Schofield, mit Studierenden der PH Luzern

At a glance
Target audience
: This contribution discusses the status of grammar in Task Based Learning and presents grammar-focused suggestions for the classroom on the basis of tasks created by students at the PH Luzern.
Language: English as a foreign language
Target level: Primary school (Grade 3 to 6)
Aims: Based on the knowledge gained thanks to the preceding task, the pupils discuss task-related linguistic features and learn how to use them correctly.
Materials: Task instructions, exercises and other necessary material (memories, tables, etc.) can be downloaded here below.

Teaching File 75

Teaching materials

Activity 1 – Apples and Crisps:
"Can you…?" Questionnaire
Interview questions and Vocabulary list
Task card and Language support

Activity 2 – Music in my ears:
English Pretask:
• Music in my ears - labelled cards
Music in my ears - presentation pretask

Example of rap
Instruction sheet - drum
Instruction sheet - rattle
Instruction sheet - wind instrument
Language focus "Please don't do that!"
Language focus "Where? Here!"
Task card

Activity 3 – Forms of Migration - Silly Rules:
Language focus exercises - Silly rules
Memory cards "Silly Rules"
"Silly Rules" Collection
"Silly Rules" Vocabulary list
Task card "Silly Rules"