La Rivista per l'insegnamento e l'apprendimento delle lingue

Transition from primary to secondary language learning: using an Assessment for Learning approach to unpack pupils’ ‘suitcases of skills and abilities’


Jane Jones


All L2 taught in primary and secondary schools


Primary and secondary school


• Facilitate transitioning from primary to secondary school

• Adapt learning to assessment and vice-versa

• Select learning activities suitable for both prim­ary and secondary levels


Il passaggio dal livello primario al livello secondario può essere problematico dal punto di vista della valutazione e della sua comprensione da parte degli allievi. A Londra, l’utilizzo del metodo Assessment for Learning, usato nelle scuole del primario così come del livello secondario, permette una transizione facilitata: gli insegnanti del primario usano certi elementi del secondario, come per esempio certi esercizi del libro di testo del livello secondario oppure il fatto di concentrarsi maggiormente sulla produzione scritta. In questo contributo didattico, allievi, insegnanti e ricercatori propongono delle soluzioni valide per un apprendimento continuo.

Research has indicated that transition from primary to secondary, an administrative arrangement, is generally problematic across all subjects causing ‘discontinuity’ of learning and other adjustment problems in many cultural contexts (Audin et al.,2005; Evangelou et al., 2008; Mayer, 2006). The breaks or transitions are not always easy for pupils to understand or manage and require preparation and support for the pupils from teachers in order to ensure a smooth transition in the learning journey. This is especially important in language learning given the need for continuity and consolidation as well as planned progression to follow the contours of the natural language learning curve. There are many transitions in a child’s education that include ’home to starting school’ and ‘infants to junior’ before the major ‘primary to secondary’ break. These are followed by other transitions from ‘beginning’ to ‘middle’ secondary education before another major transition to ‘advanced stages of learning’. These breaks do not respect fully a child’s holistic development and natural learning curve. […]

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