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2019- N1

Différenciation dans l’enseignement des langues

Differenziazione nell’insegnamento delle lingue

Differenzierung im Fremdsprachenunterricht

Differentiation in language teaching

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Jeanne Pantet, Brigitte Gerber & Martina Zimmermann

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1/2019: Differenziazione in classe di lingua
2/2019: Aktionforschung
3/2019: Le français en Suisse

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Languages on the move 
Babylonia 1/2020

Can what we understand from the newer theories of embodiment or embodied cognition be transferred to foreign language teaching? As a small example: is it better to present language in ways that speed up processing time (e.g. in teaching a noun, is it better to have learners show HOW to hold it because using our hands helps us to internalize the word, or does a picture of the object suffice?) or to make learners work at it (by NOT matching words and gestures and having learners indicate this)? To quote Birkett (2012) ”What is linguistically new about his [Bergen’s] hypothesis is that he and his researchers believe that the “mentalese” that we all speak to ourselves within our own minds is very much dependent on our own motor systems, as opposed to the traditional view that grammar and syntax are more or less independent entities that can be used freely by the human mind to think of any thought that one’s heart desires on a whim.“These theories can well touch upon [foreign] language education in Switzerland and encourage a re-thinking of classic teaching techniques.

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-> Workshop on "Sprache und Bewegung", PH Zürich, sept. 2019

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